At the end of each month, I love to take a peek at which items were most popular during that month.

I love to share things I’m loving every month (toys and games my kids enjoy, and items we use frequently around the house), as well as seasonal gift guides throughout the year when holidays approach!

(Check out what we used and loved in March here.)

March Favorites

Here are the bestsellers from March, the things I shared that you all loved the most:

Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce – A key ingredient in my very favorite copycat Chipotle chicken recipe, and it’s been super popular this past month!

Large Silicone Dough Mat – I LOVE having a big dedicated silicone mat just for rolling out dough and the one I have has the measurement markings both along the edges and in circles in the middle, perfect for pies, cut-out sugar cookiespizza dough, and any pastry dough. Can’t recommend this enough! (Currently 50% off)

Chip Clips – This pack of 16 clips has outrageously great reviews on Amazon.

OxiClean White Revive Laundry Whitener – I started using this over the summer and it’s a total game-changer for whites! I’ve long used regular OxiClean on mixed loads of laundry, but the white revive is next level. Highly recommend!

Ancho Chile Powder – Another ingredient that packs tons of flavor into the reader-favorite copycat Chipotle chicken recipe.

Angel Food Cake Pan – My very favorite pan for making an angel food cake!

Wool Dryer Balls – I’ve used dryer balls for nearly 10 years and haven’t used a dryer sheet since. I swear by them!

Built Bars – Over the last couple of years, I have tried A LOT of different protein bars. I wanted to have something easy to throw into my purse for long days at the hospital or traveling, and I fell in love with Built Bars. You get a big punch of protein without a crazy amount of calories, fat, or sugar. The regular bars are good (salted caramel is my favorite), but I REALLY love the puffs and this is my favorite one (chocolate chip cookie dough chunk).

Oven Thermometer – Super inexpensive and one of the most important baking tools you can buy; make sure that oven is at the right temperature (only one oven I’ve ever baked in has been accurate!).

Key Lime Juice – This bottled key lime juice is perfect for homemade key lime pie when you can’t get your hands on fresh key limes.

Emesis Bags – Okay, not the most glamorous thing to discuss, but I cannot recommend these enough if you have kids. I bought a pack of them nearly two years ago when Dominic began chemo (they were never on my radar before then). I kept some in the house, in the car, in my backpack for going back and forth to the hospital, and they served us well in that capacity. Last month, the stomach flu hit our house for the first time in nearly five years, and these were worth their weight in gold. Totally one of those things to have and never need than to wish you had in hindsight ;-)

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream – I have been using this in the winter for literally 30 years… I think my mom gave me a tube of this to keep in my backpack when I was in maybe 7th grade, and I always end up going back to it. In the summer, regular everyday lotion is just fine, but in the winter when the air is cold and dry and I’m washing my hands a million times a day so I don’t pick up one of the kids’ umpteen illnesses, my hands take a serious beating, and this is truly the absolute best I have ever used for seriously dry, chapped hands.

Aquaphor Lip Repair – This has been my go-to lip balm for a couple of years now, and I love it so much, I feel like it works so much better than any of the others I’ve tried (though original Chapstick is a close second!). The kids all use it, too!

Crossbody Bag – I ordered this a couple of months ago when I wanted to downsize from the large tote-style bag I had been carrying for a couple of years. I wanted to give myself some time with it to see if it was something I would recommend, and after two solid months of use, I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect size for me – it holds a sizable amount of items, which I love! I keep my large wallet, a smaller card wallet, keys, bandage box in the main compartment (and can also hold a paperback); it has two interior pockets and a zipper compartment, and another exterior snap pocket and large zipper compartment (which holds a pack of Wet Ones wipes because, kids).

Before We Were Yours – I finished reading this back in January, and it is easily in the top 3 to 5 books I have read in the last two years. A phenomenal, gripping story that I couldn’t put down. I passed it along to my mother-in-law and she just finished it, and called me immediately after telling me how much she loved it. Highly recommend!

Puzzle Board – My husband got me this board for Christmas a number of years ago and I LOVE working on puzzles using it. It’s so helpful to be able to move it around if we need to use the dining room table, and I use all of the drawers to organize pieces. I got back into doing puzzles this winter and have loved having this!

Mini Whisks (Set of 2) – I love having these for small mixing jobs; they were a popular stocking stuffer during the holidays and they would be great for Easter, too!

Blockbuster Era 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – If you have fond memories of renting movies every weekend, this puzzle is a complete trip down memory lane! My mom actually gave it to me for my birthday after seeing me mention it here; I can’t wait to build it!

The Last Mrs. Parrish – I’m reading this right now and am a little over halfway done and can’t stop reading; I can’t wait to see how it ends!

The Women – This is Kristin Hannah’s newest book; I read it at the beginning of the month and it was PHENOMENAL. An easy five stars; I couldn’t put it down as soon as I started reading.

Love in the Wild 500-Piece Puzzle – I bought this to do with the kids the week of Valentine’s Day; it’s such a great format for working on as a group – everyone can do their own little section. Isabelle, especially, has loved it!

Owala 24oz FreeSip – This was one of my birthday gifts from last week and I am already completely obsessed with it. I have used it multiple days so far and my water consumption goes up exponentially when I drink from it!

Was there anything I shared this month that you’ve used and loved? 🩷