Little girl sitting in front of a unicorn-shaped cake that says "Happy 6th Birthday Isabelle!"

1. This sweet girl turned SIX last weekend!! Where oh where does the time go? She is really into art and anything crafty, loves to read, just mastered her bike without training wheels, always wants to help me in the kitchen, loves baby dolls and all things pink and glittery, but will also play Transformers and watch He-Man with her brothers 😍 She is an absolute sweetheart and always keeps us on our toes… I can’t wait to see all that’s in store for her this year 💖

(I posted this photo on social media last weekend and got a lot of questions about her cake; I used this Wilton pony cake pan and the horn and eye from this unicorn cake topper set.)

2. Dominic is signed up to do a learn-to-play hockey program (it hasn’t started yet); he got his equipment last week, and he is SO excited!

Little boy with hockey equipment on bend over holding hockey stick over his knees.

3. He also has scans coming up next week, as well as his next neuroblastoma vaccine injection. Please keep him in your thoughts as we pray that he continues to remain in remission.

4. Did you see the solar eclipse from where you live this week? It was such a neat experience! The thing that I noticed the most was the “backwards” shadows that were cast on our deck furniture during peak eclipse time. I think we were around 90% totality, so it didn’t get completely dark, but it did darken quite a bit (it felt like dusk).

5. The kids went back to school on Tuesday after a very long spring break and boy, I miss them during the day! The house is so quiet!

6. Wonderful reminders >> How to Live Well

7. I was at the store earlier this week doing self checkout and realized I couldn’t see the little produce code on the sticker for the cucumber I bought. I have a “good” pair of glasses that I keep at home, but I’m starting to think I need to grab some cheaper sets to keep in my purse, car, etc. I saw this set on Amazon that seems to have a lot of high ratings, but do you have any recommendations for good, inexpensive reading glasses?

8. This list of summer essentials from Jessica has me itching to get ready for long, carefree summer days!

9. This past week, we watched The Long Shadow, which is based on the true story of the manhunt to find the Yorkshire Ripper. We are currently watching Catch Me a Killer (BritBox), which is based on the work of a forensic psychologist in South Africa. It’s fascinating, but also quite dark (they are all true stories).

10. TGIF! If you need Judith, she’ll be right here curled up with a blanket :)

Golden retriever dog curled up on a couch on top of an orange blanket.