The Cone of Shame

1. Last week, Einstein was sporting some serious aviator goggles as he was having some laser treatments done on an ear hematoma. Unfortunately, the laser treatments didn’t work, so he needed to have a procedure on Tuesday to insert a drain in his ear. He was all done and ready to go home in an hour, but the drain has to stay in for three weeks, which means 21 days of the cone of shame. I feel so bad for him! He’s so easy going, he hasn’t tried to get it off, and lets me take it off, clean his ear and put it back on, but poor guy, he looks so pitiful!

2. Not only is it bad for Einstein, but poor Duke has lost his partner in crime. None of this for a few more weeks…

Tug of War

3. In other news, they started digging in our backyard yesterday to simultaneously correct the drainage issue we have, as well as build a new patio. There is currently a concrete slab/patio off of the kitchen area, which is big enough for a grill and our outdoor table and chairs, but we decided to do a big extension, complete with a built-in fire pit and sitting wall. We’re excited for all of the work to be done and enjoy some warm evenings outside!

4. So, Game of Thrones is back! Do you watch? I totally needed a refresher to remember what was going on, so many story lines! I can certainly count on that show to make me cover my eyes at least once an episode. Gah, gruesome! I keep watching in the hope that something terrible happens to Joffrey.

5. This blog post in which someone’s 8-year-old daughter equates watching Full House re-runs to The History Channel is gold. I laughed so hard. And then I felt old. And then I wanted to binge watch Full House.

6. I could totally use a cleaning calendar like this, now if only I could stick to it! (via acreater)

Cleaning Calendar

7. I love this time of year, when I can watch the beginning of the baseball season simultaneously with the NHL playoffs. It’s definitely starting to feel like spring!

8. Oh my. THIS.

6th grade

9. For all of you fellow Golden Retriever lovers out there, have you seen this? A Golden Retriever festival in Scotland! Look at all those happy pups :)

10. TGIF! I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine!

Einstein sunbathing