1. Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a festive, fun day full of good food! Are you going to light fireworks? Make s’mores?

2. Today I have two slow cookers going – one full of our favorite beer and brown sugar kielbasa & sauerkraut, and another with macaroni and cheese. The slow cooker mac and cheese is a new one for me, crossing my fingers! What are you eating today?

3. My favorite pair of sunglasses are three years old and they are starting to get that bowed, fall off my head wear to them. Super sad face.

4. If you’re in the path of Hurricane Arthur, please stay safe!

5. I was watching a news show the other day where the hosts were discussing the first albums they ever bought. I grew up in the land of cassette tapes, but couldn’t remember the first one that I bought. I do, however, remember that my first CD was an Aerosmith greatest hits album (Big Ones). My Chief Culinary Consultant said that his first cassette was also an Aerosmith greatest hits (1973-1988). We’re obviously a match made in classic rock heaven. Do you remember the first one you bought?

6. My husband took this picture of me last week and laughed at the trifecta of Pittsburgh sports items around me…


I was wearing a Pirates t-shirt, sitting under a Steelers blanket, and had a Penguins Tervis next to me. What can I say?! Tomboy at heart :)

7. After seeing so many people talk about them on Twitter and Instagram, I’m thinking of breaking down and buying a pair of Tieks. A super comfortable pair of flats that I can walk in all day is one thing missing from my wardrobe. Now I just have to decide which color to get!

8. I am halfway through Season 3 of Scandal and… OMG. I need so many answers! I want so many things to happen! Agh!

9. If you read this blog through a feed reader like Feedly or through an email subscription, you may have noticed that recently the posts have been truncated and you are prompted to click through to read the rest. I’ve received a few complaints about it, and wanted to let you know the reasoning behind it. There are certain websites that will “steal” another site’s RSS feed and republish the content on their site, which is loaded with ads. It’s content theft, and if the entire content of a post is included in the feed, that means it is able to be lifted and republished. By truncating the feed, I am not allowing all of my content to be mined and republished elsewhere. I do apologize for any inconvenience that the new setup causes you, and hope that you understand.

10. TGIF! I hope you have an awesome (and safe) holiday weekend! Einstein is ready to paaaaaartay!