Sunrise at the beach

1. Today is mine and my Chief Culinary Consultant’s 1st anniversary! I can’t believe that’s it’s already been a year since we headed to the beach to say “I do.” We’ve packed a lot of fun and a lot of life into our first year; I can’t wait for a gazillion more!

2. Earlier this week, we took a quick two-day trip out to the Cincinnati area to browse around the National Air Force Museum and check out some tennis at the Western & Southern Open. We made this same exact trip two years ago and had just as much fun this time around. We got to see a lot of different players, and I even snagged some Graeters for the ride home!

Western & Southern Open 2014

3. While we had a great time, we really missed our pups. They were only boarded for a couple of days, but I always feel so awful leaving them! The silver lining? They got some much-needed grooms while they were away, so they smell awesome and super soft.

4. I saw this birth order chart floating around Facebook, and as a first-born, it’s totally true for me. What about you?

Birth Order Chart

5. On a related note, while we were in the car on Wednesday, we were reading up on astrological signs. I had never really read too much about mine or put much stock into them, but was totally amazed when I read it. I’m an Aries, and the description was nearly spot-on. Totally crazy!

6. This little kid has been all over the Internet, and I just love his “apparently” interview

And I especially love the auto-tuned version of it ;-)

7. One day this week I ate a peppermint-flavored mint and then not too long after, had a couple pieces of chocolate. The combination tasted just like peppermint bark, and now I’m ready for cozy fires, holiday cookies and wrapping paper. I know. You’re allowed to slap me.

8. I am 18 week along now, and my belly seems to have exploded this week! Everything is still going well; we have the anatomy ultrasound coming up next week!

18 weeks!

9. I’ve seen tons of people on social media over the last couple of weeks posting pictures of their kids’ first day of school. Maybe it seems crazy to me since I never began school before the week prior to Labor Day, but the beginning of August seems SO early! It’s still summer!

10. TGIF! These guys are super happy to be back home :)

Einstein & Duke - Home Sweet Home