1. This little guy is feeling allll better after his little bronchial infection a couple of weeks ago. He had his last dose of antibiotics this week and is definitely back to his rowdy little self.

2. I have tried at least five times to get a sourdough starter going. Each and every time I have failed miserably, and had pretty much given up last November. I’m not sure what lit the fire again, but I decided to give it another go this week and – shocker of all shockers – it took! I have a sponge sitting overnight and will tackle my loaves tomorrow… I’m crossing my fingers it actually works! If so, I’ll be sharing all of the steps, tips and recipes soon!

3. I’ve always loved peanut butter a million times more than almond butter, and part of the problem was that I had yet to find an almond butter that I really liked. I recently tried Barney Butter smooth almond butter and LOVED it – it’s super smooth and not at all gritty.

4. This video of a volunteer group rescuing stray dogs on the streets of Los Angeles made my heart melt. (h/t Foodie Crush)

5. If you are a canner and use Ball brand jars, they have recently come out with new guidelines on prepping their lids. Be sure to read up before you make another batch!

6. Many of you often ask about gluten-free substitutions in recipes, and I just found out that America’s Test Kitchen came out with a new book this past spring – The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook. Along with recipes, with book includes information on the science behind gluten, how to successfully replace wheat in recipes and troubleshooting suggestions. If you cook and bake gluten-free, it looks like it would be a great resource!

7. Love the concept of this stripped down smartphone to limit distractions. I’m thinking of doing an app purge on mine to see how streamlined I can get it. I’m definitely guilty of staring at my phone while in line at the grocery store, during commercial breaks, etc.

8. Football season officially started last night! I didn’t have a real rooting interest in the Seattle/Green Bay game last night, but I spent time getting all of my different fantasy leagues situated. This year I’m in our usual fantasy football league, as well as a pick ’em league (picking against the spread, which I’m horrible at), and a survivor pool. Let the games begin!

9. I had my 20-week doctor’s appointment this week (even though I’m currently 21 weeks) and everything is going smoothly! My weight and blood pressure are good, the baby’s heartbeat is nice and strong, and I’ve finally started to feel him move! It started a few weeks ago with “flutters” and last week I began to feel actual kicks. When the doctor was listening to the heartbeat, she said she could feel the vibrations from the kicks. At the next appointment is my glucose test, eek!

10. TGIF! I hope you enjoy the first full weekend of September! (Duke thought Einstein needed a bath.)

Duke giving Einstein a bath