We are so thrilled to share that our little family is growing and we’re expecting another little bundle of joy!!

Little BEB baby #3 is due on April 8th, but will likely come before that, since it will be a scheduled c-section.

My husband typed up this super fun “pregnancy alert” and texted it to our family at the same time when everyone was at our house to make the announcement (have I mentioned that he has all of the creative brains in our relationship?)…

Pregnancy announcement that reads like a weather alert.

I was 15 weeks along yesterday, and there’s definitely a bump starting to show! So far, the pregnancy has gone very well. My first trimester was very much the same as it was with both Joseph and Dominic – some nausea, but I never actually got sick, so I consider myself lucky. I suffered from mind-numbing exhaustion through about 10 days ago, and then I felt like a fog had lifted, finally! I haven’t had any crazy cravings, but during the entire first trimester really all I wanted were salty savory things, especially a Wendy’s junior bacon cheeseburger with fries!

We are absolutely thrilled to be giving Joseph and Dominic another sibling! Dominic obviously has no idea what’s going on, and Joseph goes back and forth between an excited, “oh little baby coming!” to a flat out “NO” when we talk to him about it.

I had an ultrasound around the 8 week mark, and apparently since I was pregnant with Dominic they stopped printing out ultrasound pictures to hand you at the end, instead they email them to you; the tech also included a little video she captured of the heart beating. It never ceases to amaze me and leave me in total awe when I think about what a miracle the whole process is to grow a baby, and seeing that little heart beat took my breath away ♥

I’ll be sure to provide updates along the way; thank you all for sharing in these wonderful journeys of life with me!