Happy Monday-after-Thanksgiving! Can you believe that we’re already on the other side of the holiday? A friend and I were likening it to waiting in a very long line for a roller coaster that’s over in less than 2 minutes… so much planning and prepping, and in the blink of an eye, everyone has eaten, all of the food is gone, and clean up begins!

We had another wonderful Thanksgiving holiday at our home, with tons of family, great food, and lots of laughs. We didn’t waste any time once Thanksgiving was over, and kicked our decorating game into high gear on Friday and by Saturday afternoon we had most of the house decorated. We got out for a little date night on Saturday and went to the Penguins game, then had our usual Sunday dinner yesterday.

We’re going to work on getting back into a little bit of a normal routine this week, but first I’m sharing tons of pictures from our weekend! I was admittedly awful at getting some family pictures early in the day before everyone showed up (I loved our pictures from last year and omg, Dominic was SO TINY!), so the ones we have are dark and from late in the day when everyone was frazzled and ready for bed ;-) Oops, lesson learned! Nonetheless, enjoy the pictures and please share some of your favorite eats from the weekend in the comments below!