Over the last few months, I have been sharing with you roundups of some of my all-time favorite recipes in the form of Top 10 lists. For recipe categories where I have amassed a large quantity of recipes, I know it can be daunting when trying to decide which one to try first. So I thought if I shared my 10 favorites for any given type of recipe, that would give you a place to start! They have received great feedback from you guys – it’s great to know you find them as helpful as I intended them to be. Some of you are even baking your way through some of the lists, how fun!

I have now gone through each category of recipes that have a significant amount of entries, so I wanted to tie them all up here and give you one place to access them. I may add more lists later or new favorites to existing lists, so stay tuned!

For now, here you have it, my favorite 120 recipes (to date!) on the site…

Top 10: Appetizers
Top 10: Bar Desserts
Top 10: Brownies
Top 10: Cakes
Top 10: Cookies
Top 10: Cupcakes
Top 10: Ice Cream
Top 10: Main Dishes
Top 10: Muffins
Top 10: Pies & Tarts
Top 10: Side Dishes
Top 10: Yeast Bread Recipes