I’m super excited to announce a new (free!) email series that I just launched called Baking Simplified: My Best Tips for Home Bakers. You may have seen a new notification about it when you visited my site and I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about it.

So, what’s this about?

I am so excited to help you become a more confident baker and unlock the joy of baking!

Does this sound familiar…

You spent hours prepping and baking a recipe that looked so amazing and you were so excited about.

But then something seems to go wrong…

Maybe it burned, or it didn’t rise, or it doesn’t taste very good.

I’ve been there and have felt the disappointment, frustration, and anger when something that should have been awesome was a total flop.

I’m a self-taught home baker and I’ve spent years in the kitchen learning and refining skills.

In this special series, Baking Simplified: My Best Tips for Home Bakers, I’m sharing special tips and techniques (along with recipes!) for baking success so that you’ll experience joy in creating recipes for friends and family, making the most of the time and ingredients available to you, while building your kitchen confidence every step of the way.

The details

You’ll get 1 email per day for 5 days to provide you with all of my best tips for becoming a confident baker, then I’ll pop back into your inbox once a week after that with some of the most popular (and my favorite!) recipes that you may have missed over the last 14 years 😍

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