1. Relishing warm late-summer/early-fall days ❤️

2. We’ve made my orange cookies twice in the last two weeks; they’re my husband’s favorite!

3. My new project – I’m crocheting a cardigan for Isabelle! Yellow is her favorite color, so that’s what I chose. Once I’m done, I’ll share the finished product!

4. I rarely eat cereal, but have been craving a big bowl lately. None of our pantry options are calling to me (various types of Cheerios, Special K, and Raisin Bran). What’s your favorite cereal? Going to add a box or two to my grocery list!

5. The Kitchn has a new list of their Essentials: Grocery Edition. I remember sharing this last year and loved going through all of the new picks this year. Are any of these favorites of yours? I keep seeing people talk about the chili crisp condiment and need to try it!

6. What is your all-time favorite thing to cook or bake in the fall? Mine is chili!

7. Love this >> 5 Steps to an Unburdened Life

8. Fall is heeeeeeere! Yesterday was downright cold and it was fabulous… I’m totally ready to rock the fireplace every night after dinner!

9. I foresee lots of sports here this weekend… Ryder Cup, college and NFL football, Indy race, Formula One race… the boys are going to be thrilled 😊

10. TGIF! Love this big guy so much!