Hello hello!

Is it just me or does the day after Christmas feel like the day after you get back home from an amazing vacation and are staring at unpacked luggage and a mountain of laundry? SO MANY THINGS to get organized and put away! I am also in dire need of a trip to the grocery store for all of our “everyday food” necessities.

We had such a fun weekend and managed to only miss one holiday gathering due to everyone being sick, so that’s a bit of a win. We spent Christmas Eve at my mom’s where we crammed in the traditional seven fishes, got to wake up to a white Christmas, and had a fantastic dinner of beef tenderloin and twice baked potatoes here with my in-law’s yesterday for Christmas.

It was a wonderful time, Joseph had so much fun opening presents, and Dominic was just happy to have wrapping paper to play with lol. I wanted to take a few minutes and share a few of my favorite pictures with you!

I’ll be back tomorrow and Thursday with my annual top ten lists! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday! xo