1. Today, my mom is having surgery to have her gallbladder removed, which means an early wakeup call and lots of magazine-reading for me. I’m hoping that everything goes well and that she has an easy and quick recovery!

2. Speaking of magazine-reading, it occurred to me when we took our road trip to Florida that I don’t have a nice tote bag for things like magazines, books, snacks, etc. Do you have a favorite tote bag? Feel free to share recommendations and links below!

3. You may remember that last week I mentioned I had signed up for a women’s hockey clinic… well, it begins on Sunday, which means that I had do some equipment shopping this week. I am officially ALL-IN, as you can see:

Also, hockey is crazy expensive. I had a big “whoa” moment at the cash register!

4. We’re finally completely caught up on the new Boardwalk Empire episodes. At some point last year, it became one of my top three favorite shows. It’s not what I typically watch, but I’m totally caught up in the story! Next on my list is to watch the first season of Homeland and then get caught up on the new episodes as well. What are you watching this fall?

5. Can we talk stink bugs for a minute? I’m not sure if they’re only a regional issue or if they’re invading everywhere, but I seriously feel under siege. They were all over the back side of my house the other day, and when I went to Target yesterday, they were all over the outside there as well. All I can say is, UGH!

6. Madonna pictures, finally! I know many of you were eager to see photos from the Madonna concert in DC; unfortunately I had some import issues last week and couldn’t get them into last week’s Friday post, but here they are! A sampling of the show…

7. As of last weekend, I am officially all Mac. An iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro with Retina Display have been added to my previously lone Apple product, the new iPad. Thanks to everyone who has offered up their recommendations and first-hand experience with different products over the last few months. So far I am loving everything; my biggest obstacle has been the trackpad on the laptop. My fingers need some practice!

8. I’m craving a Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate like no one’s business. It’s happening this weekend. Write it down.

9. I’m loving all of the fall colors lately! The landscapes and the skies have been beautiful this week!

10. TGIF! Take some time to play this weekend!