Einstein and Bella sunning themselves on my mom's deck

1. This is a picture of Einstein with my mom’s dog, Bella, on her back deck almost five years ago. This week, Bella crossed over the rainbow bridge after what two veterinarians referred to as a “significant neurological episode”. Bella was 16 (!!) and lived a really great life… my mom adopted her from a shelter back in 2000 and had her for over 14 years. She was such a sweet, gentle dog and will be missed. I think right now she’s romping free of arthritis and hoarding as many treats as possible!

2. On a happier note, last Saturday was my baby shower, and it was such a nice afternoon! For those in the Pittsburgh area, it was held at the Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia and it was a wonderful location. The food was fantastic, the room was beautiful, and everyone had a great time.

Baby shower pictures! | browneyedbaker.com

We are now bursting at the seams with baby gear! I’d like to spend some time this weekend going through everything, doing a little bit of organizing, and making a list of all of the things we still need to buy.

3. In related news, I’m now 32 weeks along and had a check-up this week that went great. I have another in two weeks and then I’m down to appointments every week. We’re getting so close!

4. If you live in Buffalo, I hope you’re staying warm and safe! What an insane snow storm!

5. Have you made your Thanksgiving menu yet? If so, tell me what you’re making! I am in total disbelief that it’s already next week! However, that means that the Christmas tree and decorations are going to be coming out any day now, so… YAY!

6. Speaking of Thanksgiving, have any of you ever ordered something from the website Garnish? They sold take out containers and utensils, but it looks as though the site is now renamed and only sells picnic packs. I was so disappointed! If you have a recommendation for take out containers, please share below! I love having them on hand for holidays so that everyone can package up some leftovers to take home!

7. Have you seen this video of a dog obedience competition where the dogs run through a course of treats and toys (they’re supposed to ignore them) to their owners and are rewarded? Of course the Golden Retriever goes through and stops to eat every single treat and needs to be pulled away as he’s swallowing hot dogs. I couldn’t stop laughing while I watched… this is absolutely, 100% Einstein! He lives for food and treats :)

8. What’s on your Christmas list this year? My mom has been asking for ideas, and my brain is going in a million different directions with baby things that I can’t actually think of anything I want or need.

9. I’ve been craving these white chocolate steamers for a couple of weeks now. They’ve become a tradition at our Christmas Eve celebration; I’ll be making mine sans whipped cream vodka this year!

10. TGIF! Einstein would love for you to build a blanket fort this weekend :)

Einstein in his blanket fort... | browneyedbaker.com