1. First and foremost, thank you all so very much for your patience while I sorted out and remedied the issues with the site. Everything should be running smoothly again at this point, so if you encounter any issues, please feel free to shoot me an email and let me know so that I can investigate. I am so sorry for the inconvenience any downtime may have caused.

2. Now, for the fun stuff! I didn’t realize it when I took the photo below, but Duke totally photobombed it and looks like he wants to eat Joseph’s head, ha!

Duke photobomb!

3. Joseph turned one month old last week, which seems absolutely unfathomable! I love that he’s become more alert and more aware of things around him. He’s started to smile a little bit (we got some big open mouth smiles for the first time yesterday!), but we haven’t been able to catch them on camera yet. Each day is an adventure… some messier than others(!)… and I love every minute.

4. I’ve seen charts like this before, and always forget to check them when I need to make a large purchase, so I’m saving this for future reference! [via savings.com; for a large version to download, click here]

When Are the Best Times to Make Purchases

5. Confession #1: I realized earlier this week that I’ve never eaten quinoa. Confession #2: I have no desire to eat quinoa.

6. In other news, I am dying for a soft serve ice cream cone with sprinkles. I think all of the local places open back up sometimes in March… I’ll be the first in line!

7. This Buzzfeed compilation of 27 Charts That Will Help You Make Sense of Makeup is an awesome resource for someone who is fashion and makeup challenged like myself. There are tons of great tips and tricks in there!

8. I want to eat a bazillion of these pepperoni pizza pull-apart muffins… oh my goodness!

9. It’s House of Cards release day!! Having a newborn is the perfect excuse to hibernate (especially when it’s freezing out), so you know what we’ll be doing all weekend while Joseph naps! In other TV news, in some strange twist of fate, neither my husband nor I had ever watched the show 24 when it originally ran. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to start watching from the beginning and we’re totally hooked! We’re a little more than halfway through the first season and loving it. It’s great that there are so many seasons… it’ll keep us entertained for awhile!

10. TGIF! I hope the weather is starting to warm up where you are… Duke is working out his cabin fever!

Duke running laps | browneyedbaker.com