Joseph David - 2 months old! |

1. Joseph turned TWO MONTHS OLD yesterday. Can you believe it?! I certainly can’t. He continues to be absolutely awesome and the most fun. It’s been a blast to watch him do new things, like massive, open-mouth smiles, which are pretty much the best thing ever. He’s also loving his activity mat and staring up at all the different toys. We’re getting into more of a groove here… most mornings and afternoons are pretty predictable with naps and feedings; dinnertime and beyond, however, can still be hit or miss. He’s sleeping pretty well through the night, getting up once between 3-5am and then again between 6:30-8:00am. I can’t get over how much heavier and longer he is than just a month ago! His 2-month appointment is on Tuesday, so I’m anxious to see how much he officially grew.

2. Speaking of kid things, I was an avid colorer when I was younger, and then I picked it up again in college. Something about coloring has always been so relaxing to me, so I was ecstatic when I saw that an illustrator had released two coloring books made specifically for adults. They’re gorgeous! They’re also sold out on Amazon… bummer! Hopefully they’re back in stock soon!

3. A quick product-I’m-loving plug – I have really fine hair and started using Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening line of products a few months ago and instantly noticed a difference. I use the shampoo and conditioner, as well as the thickening mousse. If you have fine hair, I’d definitely recommend it!

4. I looooove burgers so this massive compilation of cheeseburger ideas is a dream come true!

5. My husband and I are big into road trips and not at all into flying, so this map detailing how to drive across the U.S. hitting all the major landmarks is a total bucket list item for me. Also related – I’d love to buy an enormous RV for this adventure… maybe a retirement thing ;-)

6. I ate chili this week but neglected to buy Fritos. Huge mistake… it just isn’t the same.

7. Dying at Buzzfeed’s farewell to Internet Explorer.

8. I’m currently stocking our freezer with Graeter’s ice cream, caramel pretzel Klondikes and ice cream sandwiches. I’m more than ready for the warm weather!

9. How is your March Madness bracket after day one? Mine is surprisingly still pretty much intact, which never happens. I’m sure it’ll be destroyed by the end of today :)

10. TGIF! Einstein will be over here, hoarding toys… all weekend…

Einstein hoarding toys! |