Joseph David - 6 months old!

1. I’m a couple of weeks late on this, but I couldn’t forget Joseph’s 6-month picture (we took a million pictures and couldn’t get him to take his hand out of his mouth)! Here’s a snapshot of what he’s been up to:

Stats: 25¾ inches tall and 16 lb 4 oz

Likes: Duke & Einstein, books, baths, rolling

Dislikes: Getting his hands wiped, sitting still

Favorite Toys: Activity jumper, bendy ball, take-along tunes, and his figure 8 teether.

Favorite Foods: Bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes

It’s been so much fun to see his personality emerge and watch him observe his world and learn all sorts of new things. It’s amazing!

2. Tomorrow night, my husband and I are going out on our first date night since Joseph was born. I’m excited, but hate leaving the little guy.

3. What’s your favorite hand cream? Go!

4. Last Saturday, I was driving to the grocery store when I heard Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train” on the radio. It totally took me back to middle school, and then I got to thinking about how when I was in high school I always listened to the “alternative” radio station. Do kids still listen to alt-rock or is it all pop now?

5. I signed this petition to ensure that foods are labeled appropriately. I definitely want to know what I’m eating! If you feel the same way, click over and sign!

6. This food storage 101 graphic is an awesome reminder of the best way to store food in the refrigerator and freezer.

7. I have never packed an actual picnic (wah!), but this post on 12 Secrets for the Perfect Picnic has me totally inspired!

8. This is a fantastic article on how dogs can sense when people are sick, in pain and even dying. It was awesome to watch Einstein interact with my grandma as her health began to decline when we were all living at my mom’s house a number of years ago. The week before my grandma ended up in the hospital (and never came back home), Einstein refused to sleep anywhere but ON her bed. He had never slept there before, and not even treats could coax him away from her (and he will do ANYTHING for food). Dogs are truly amazing souls.

9. We finally got around to watching the first episode of season three of House of Cards, and… MEH. I heard so many poor reviews, but we LOVED the first two seasons so much, I had hope. However, we’re not even motivated enough to watch the second episode… does it get any better??

10. TGIF! Last weekend, I was the last one to go upstairs one night, and when I turned the corner to head upstairs, I saw this… Einstein waited up for me… such a sweet dog! :)

Einstein waiting for me to come to bed |