Joseph David - 8 months old! |

1. Joseph¬†turned 8 months old last Saturday! I just can’t believe how fast this year is going, it’s insane. He is crawling like a champ, zooming around the house like a little bug, it’s so funny to watch. He’s pulling himself up on everything and standing, holding on with only one hand. His newest thing this week is that twice he actually started bouncing/dancing when a commercial came on the TV with music. I just love hanging out with this little dude every single day.

2. Last Friday, I got a deep tissue massage and it was AMAZING. After it was over, I just wanted to curl up and take a nap in that dark room with the relaxing music. I could go for one of those every single week.

3. On my way to do some errands, I drove past a house with a clothesline in the yard and tons of clothes hanging in the sun. It reminded me of my grandma so much; if the weather was at least halfway decent, she never used her dryer.

4. Did you see the story about the dog that stood watch over her buddy that had fallen into a cistern until help arrived? Dogs are such amazing souls.

5. Speaking of dogs keeping an eye out for one another… We currently have a temporary construction fence up in our yard after having some yard work done and prepping for expanding the fenced-in area. Somehow yesterday, Einstein got his head underneath of it and off he went. My husband was sitting on the deck with Joseph and didn’t see it happen, but Duke got very upset and was whining/growling and staring off out of the yard. It got my husband’s attention and he saw Einstein way out of the yard. When asked if he was hungry, Einstein immediately made a beeline for home, thank goodness. Duke is such a good brother :)

6. Can we talk hair ties? What brand/type do you use? I buy the black Scunci ones, but I feel like they get totally stretched out after using them for only a couple of days.

7. Please tell me your favorite tips for getting a comforter into a duvet cover without losing your mind. It’s quite possibly my least favorite home chore.

8. So, my fantasy football is currently in shambles. My regular team is 0-2 on the season, my players are seriously underperforming. On top of that, I got bounced from my survivor league last week since the Saints couldn’t manage to beat Tampa. Ugh. I was in a seriously bad mood last Sunday afternoon.

9. On a happier note, I’ve been enjoying watching footage of the Pope traipsing around this week!

10. TGIF! These guys were super snuggly this week…

Einstein and Duke snuggled up |