Joseph on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house 12/30/15.

  1. I can’t believe that this sweet little boy is going to a year old in less than two weeks, gah! I keep thinking back to this time last year… I was so excited and nervous and anxious… I had no idea what to expect. This past year has been amazing and watching Joseph grow and learn and do tons of new things has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced. Simply the best.

2. I’m loving this perspective on New Year’s resolutions >> 16 Goals To Set For Next Year That Are More About Enjoying What You Have Than Chasing What You Don’t.

3. Kind of sad that all of the Christmas decorations are going to come down this weekend. We’re pretty steadfast on keeping them until Epiphany, but since that was Wednesday, I guess it’s time to start packing everything up. Nothing beats the glow of Christmas lights!

4. I love purging unused and past-its-prime items, so I’m totally digging this list >> 200 Things to Throw Away.

5. This is slightly cheesy, but I really liked it, especially since we just turned the page on a new year :)


6. A list of lists is music to this habitual list-maker’s ears! >> 21 Lists You Need to Keep to Lead a More Satisfying Life.

7. This video of a 90-year-old Canadian man who still plays hockey three days a week is amazing, inspiring and everything in between. Seriously, look at him GO!

8. I am really hoping to pick up my reading game this year. I used to read so much, and I’ve totally fallen off the wagon the last couple of years. What was your absolute favorite book from 2015?

9. We were late to the game, but my husband and I started watching Sherlock on Netflix, and wow, is it insanely good! Huge recommendation if you haven’t discovered it yet!

10. TGIF! Someone can’t wait to play with his big brothers and their rings!

Joseph dying to go outside and play with Duke and Einstein!