Valentine's Day flowers

1. Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I had a wonderfully delicious and gorgeous day! Not pictured: a fantastic breakfast sandwich to kick off the day, and a phenomenal dinner with appetizers that I absolutely need to recreate at home!

2. There are currently three doggy-bag containers of leftovers in the fridge. If I ever finish a meal at a restaurant, it will be a small miracle.

3. Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I spent the day at the DeLallo test kitchen with Jessica? You can read more about our day there over on the DeLallo blog: Local Food Bloggers Unite in the DeLallo Kitchen.

4. I had a temporary moment of insanity this week and decided to give up peanut butter for Lent. Two days down, 38 to go. I will devour an entire peanut butter egg on Easter morning. Write it down.

5. I feel totally inept when it comes to doing my own hair. I’m capable of styling it curly just fine, but am awful at blowing it out straight. Or doing anything else remotely interesting with it. Does anyone know of any sites with easy-to-follow hair tutorials? I could definitely use some help since I’m like a five-year-old when it comes to doing my own hair.

6. It might be early to start thinking about it, but is anyone planning a garden for this year? Have you decided what to grow? I’m not sure if I’ll get one planted yet, but I’m hoping to do containers at the very least!

7. I didn’t watch the Grammys on Sunday night; are there any performances worth queuing up on YouTube?

8. Last weekend I made a birthday cake for my Chief Culinary Consultant. I may or may not have spelled birthday “birtday” on the cake. Good thing I had already fed him some delicious lamb ;-)

9. Don’t forget to enter the BEB Anniversary Giveaway! You could win your choice of a dSLR, iPad or KitchenAid Professional Mixer! You have until Sunday to enter… Good Luck!

10. TGIF! Hugs all around!

Hugging penguin