Joseph - 14 months

1. Joseph has been a busy bee and is mastering all kinds of new things. He’s had that shapes box since Christmas, but it wasn’t until last week that he actually started trying to get the shapes through the top. He has so much fun with it… he’ll walk over to me with a shape in one hand and the lid in the other :)

He’s still loving his swim classes! It’s been six months since we started and the change in him has been so dramatic. At the first few classes, he just sort of stared blankly at everyone, cried when we did something new, but week by week he started to come out of his shell. He’s now the oldest one in the class and a total HAM! He loves going under water, gets excited for all of the different exercises, high-fives the instructor… it’s so fun to see. My husband came to watch our class this week and snapped some pictures of us :)

Joseph and I at swim class - March 23, 2016

2. Today, I turn a whopping 3-6. How did I get here so quickly?! It’s especially alarming when I remember that I was a freshman in high school when my mom turned 40. Insane! I plan on spending today with my favorite boys, my mom and sister, and in-laws. I’m going to eat my favorite burger, indulge in my favorite cake, and not do much of anything else ;-)

3. I adore this four seasons finger paint tree – it’s so pretty, and a great keepsake.

4. I loved reading about this restaurant-style soup kitchen in Kansas City. What an amazing idea the whole way around!

5. Oh my gosh, these recipes!! >> 13 Game-Changing Ways to Eat Girl Scout Cookies

6. I’m almost done with my Konmari closet purge! All that’s left to do are accessories, bags and shoes, but the clothes are completely finished. I have SIX (starting on a 7th) kitchen-size garbage bags full of clothes and 107 empty hangers ??. Next up is actually organizing the closet and drawers! For any of you who have done the Konmari method – do you go the whole way with the folding??

7. Will you be celebrating Easter this weekend? We’re going to my mom’s for Easter dinner with a lot of extended family; I’m excited to eat ham, cheesy potatoes, and my favorite summer dessert.

8. How is your March Madness bracket looking? Mine isn’t TOTALLY busted, but Michigan State and WVU sure didn’t do me any favors! I still have six of my elite eight teams left and three of my final four. So I could still make a run!

9. We finally finished up the latest season of House of Cards this week…. and the end of the final episode just left me feeling so ugh. Kind of gross and underwhelmed. On a positive note, The Americans came back last week and I got back to loving it just as much as I did when the last season finished up. Plus, I’m slightly more enamored since finding out that Keri Russell (I was obsessed with Felicity!) and Michael Rhys are actually a thing off-screen as well, and are expecting a baby soon. Love.

10. TGIF! My furry boys cuddled up super close yesterday morning while I was on the floor watching Sesame Street with Joseph :)

Einstein and Duke pinning me down