Joseph getting ready to head to the mall!

1. How did I all of a sudden end up with a mini teenager?! I mean, look at that little guy! I can’t handle his sweetness.

2. It has somehow turned back into winter here, which is thoroughly disappointing since we had already taken out our outside furniture and enjoyed it multiple times a few weeks ago. We woke up to snow multiple times in the last week!

3. This video of “the most organized house in America” has me wanting to organize ALL OF THE THINGS.

4. Hysterical >> If Toddlers Had Social Media.

5. While cutting back on carbs and processed food in short bursts has helped to refocus my eating habits when they’ve gotten off course, I have always been a very firm believer in the mantra of “all things in moderation”, so I enjoyed this article on what is clean eating. I especially agreed with the notion of transparency in foods.

6. Homemade instant pancake mix is such a good idea for quick breakfasts!

7. Once I get around to doing Konmari in my kitchen, I’m going to rock this kitchen spring cleaning list from Shutterbean.

8. I am absolutely smitten with the square foot gardens in this post!! I was only planning on small containers on the deck this year, but now I’m regretting that decision!

9. Do you watch the Masters? I’d love to go to Augusta one day, it looks so gorgeous and serene – bucket list! I’m rooting for Jordan Spieth to repeat!

10. TGIF! Duke usually sprints to the dog bed when he gets upstairs, but he actually waited at the top of the steps for me a few nights ago while I was finishing up some things downstairs :)

Duke waiting for his mom at the top of the stairs :)