Joseph - Almost 17 months!

1. Joseph must have gone through a major growth spurt because I bought him some summer clothes about a month ago and they fit great. Now? About half of them are too small. Grumble grumble. Also, any recommendations for a roomy diaper bag? I have a basic, smallish Skip Hop bag that has served me pretty well, but now that I’m carting around some toys, usually food (due to his allergies), diaper supplies, etc. and with another one on the way, I think I need something a little bigger. Let me know if you have one you love!

2. This week, The Huffington Post shared the story behind the Snickers Cake that I made to commemorate what would have been my dad’s 60th birthday a few years back. Thanks to them for sharing it leading up to Father’s Day!

3. So, let’s talk Snapchat. I downloaded the app. I tried to figure it out and… I can’t? I’m at the point where I think I need to Google a tutorial. That makes me feel extremely old, like I’m approaching “get off my lawn” territory, ugh.

4. This is a great list for any mom, no matter how many kids she has! >> Life Saving Tips for the Mother of a Big Family

5. Exciting news! Work is going to begin on my site redesign in a few weeks (SO overdue, gah!)… if you have any suggestions or requests, share them below!

6. Thanks for all of the feedback on Sonic! We gave it a try this week and liked it! I had a bacon cheeseburger and thought it was really good for a fast food burger – bigger than most. And, most importantly, the tater tots were insane – SO GOOD! Thanks for steering me in the right direction! Can’t wait to give some other things a try – that popcorn chicken is calling my name!

7. Have you heard? Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back for a 9th season! SO excited for more Larry David shenanigans!

8. Speaking of TV, was anyone else kind of underwhelmed by The Americans season finale? I love that show, but nothing seemed to really wrap up at all, which I hate!

9. And finally, of course I have to mention that the Penguins actually won the Stanley Cup!! No better way to start the week than celebrating that win on Sunday night! I wish they could have won in Pittsburgh last week when we were at the game, but I’ll take it no matter what. Love this team!

10. TGIF! I could stare at these sweet pictures all day… ❤️

Best Buds Forever!