Sick day chicken noodle soup

1. I have been siiiiick this week. I actually can’t remember the last time I felt this miserable, which I guess is a good thing. I’ve been loading up on juice, water, mint ginger ale, and any and all comfort food that gives me instant satisfaction. Luckily, I don’t have a stomach bug. That would be a serious disaster!

2. On a related note, some folks on Twitter asked if mint ginger ale is something I buy or make myself. It’s definitely something I buy, but I have actually never seen it outside of Pittsburgh. In the grocery stores here, they sell Tom Tucker mint ginger ale. Most Pittsburgh kids (myself included) were given mint ginger ale when they were sick, and now I crave it when I’m feeling under the weather as an adult. One of the best inventions, ever!

3. Are any other areas of the country as infested with stink bugs as western Pennsylvania? Ugh, they are EVERYWHERE!

4. Did you all watch the Oscars on Sunday night? I only caught bits and pieces but was excited to see Daniel Day Lewis win for Best Actor and Argo for Best Motion Picture. While I didn’t see all of the movies nominated, I did see those two and thought they were easily two of the best movies that I had seen in years.

5. I snagged a new bottle of Essie nail polish yesterday, in anticipation of spring weather – Madison Ave-Hue. Such a pretty pink (it’s part of the Spring 2013 colors)!

Essie Madison Ave-Hue

6. Have you seen the beautiful new kitchen that Sara from Our Best Bites gets to play in? It’s a dream! I’m totally swooning over all of her new appliances, too!

7. Today is March 1st, which means there’s a lot of new photo challenges starting up for the month. If you’re interested, here is a good one from I Heart Faces:

March Photo Challenge

8. I’m currently Pinning both winter outfits and spring/summer outfits. Ahh, between seasons. That horrible time of year when you could really use a new pair of boots, but the stores only have flip flops and bathing suits on display.

9. This “gifts on the hour” idea is so much fun for any occasion or family member! I’m definitely saving that for future use!

10. TGIF! Play time! (Well, for you, that is. I intend to be firmly planted on the couch all weekend!)

Einstein! Play time!