Einstein and Joseph - July 2016

1. There simply are no words adequate enough to express my gratitude for the amazing outpouring of love and support that this community has shown to me and my family this week after the passing of Einstein. Thank you so very much for all of the kind words and sharing of your own stories… I’m reading them all, and they mean the world to me. Einstein had been with me through so many different seasons of life for nearly 10 years, and I miss my buddy so much.

We are working through our sadness and the void that has been left, but we’ve enjoyed looking at pictures of Einstein this week and laughing about some of his crazy antics. We’re giving Duke a lot of extra attention and love. The first few days it didn’t seem that Joseph noticed that Einstein was missing, but a couple of days ago, he pointed to the corner in the living room where Einstein always laid and said, “dog” (he hadn’t been able to say their names yet, just referred to both of them as “dog”). When Joseph eats, he sits in a booster seat at our kitchen table, and for each meal, Duke would stand to his left, and Einstein to his right, waiting for food to fall. Yesterday morning at breakfast, he pointed twice to the vacant spot on his right and said, “dog!” then held out a slice of banana. I’m not sure if he’s just processing the absence, but a part of me believes that Einstein was standing there, as he always did, waiting for some banana to hit the floor.

2. Life certainly marches on, no matter what happens, and my due date is now only two and a half weeks away, which is insane. We taught Joseph how to say “brother” and now when we walk past the new nursery, he points and says, “brother!”. Hopefully he maintains that same enthusiasm once there’s actually another human sharing his space :)

3. We went out this week and bought (what I hope are) the last of the odds and ends that we needed to finish up getting the nursery ready. I need to do one final load of laundry, get the dresser drawers organized, my bag packed, and we’ll be ready to roll!

4. Have you heard about The Power of When quiz? The results give you your chronotype, which explains personality traits, as well as which times during the day you are best suited for certain activities. I took it the other day and it was amazingly accurate for me (I was a Lion), minus the part about being obsessed with physical fitness and nutrition (*ahem*).

5. I STILL cannot fold a fitted sheet to save my life, so I’m loving this video. Totally trying it the next time I do laundry!

6. I was so guilty of many of these trappings in my early to mid-20’s >> How to Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

7. I’ve never made a tater tot casserole but I LOVE tater tots, and I see them all over Pinterest! Do you have a favorite one you love? If so, pretty please share your recipe!

8. I’m currently craving a fountain Diet Coke the size of my head. As soon as the baby is born, it’ll probably be the first thing I ask my husband to get for me ;-)

9. I was thrilled to see that season 3 of The Blacklist is FINALLY on Netflix – we’re looking forward to catching up so we’re ready when season 4 begins in a couple of weeks. We’re also excited for the new Keifer Sutherland show – Designated Survivor. Since we we’re big fans of 24, we’re hoping that this show will be good! What are you planning on watching this fall?

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cool and cozy weekend…