Joseph and I - Sunday, September 25, 2016

1. Joseph came down with a bad cold on Sunday (after we read through our Steelers ABC book, ha!) and then promptly shared it with my husband and I, ugh! Luckily, however, it seems to be quick-moving, as I got a sore throat on Monday night and was already feeling better yesterday.

In other news, I picked up a ton of new clothes for him for fall and winter and learned from my summer clothes debacle… instead of buying the size that fits him perfectly now, I went one size up so he’ll be good to wear them through the entire season (it’s still chilly here in March!) instead of having to restock everything in two months. I’m slowly getting the hang of this mom thing, ha!

2. Can you believe that I am due on TUESDAY?! As in, like, four days from now. Insanity. Maybe it’s because I’m consumed with chasing after a toddler, but I feel like I’m way more la-di-da about it this time around. Like, there really isn’t even time for me to think about it or play the waiting game – there are plenty of other things that need my attention! Any guesses on when this baby is going to decide to show up??

3. A quick note on my pregnancy carpal tunnel… about a month ago, my husband was at a chiropractor appointment and was telling him how painful my carpal tunnel was at night. Braces weren’t helping, exercises weren’t helping, and I spent many nights in the wee hours in tears because it as so painful. He recommended trying a vitamin B6 supplement, so I did (after checking with my doctor). It took about a week or so, but my gosh, the difference is astounding. I still get some sporadic numbness and tingling during the day, but the pain is GONE. I can type and write without stopping to shake my hands every few minutes, which I was doing before. Just wanted to throw it out there in case anyone else is having the same issue… Of course, disclaimer, I’m not a doctor, you should check with yours before you take something, etc. but I just can’t believe the difference it made. Such a lifesaver for my sanity!

4. This video of a guy painting with basically just his hands is astounding!

5. Did you see that Mark Bittman is releasing a new book? – How to Bake Everything. I love his stuff and can’t wait to get my hand son it!

6. If you have an iPhone, did you upgrade to the new iOS yet? Can we talk about how awesome the gif library is?! But also, I just cannot get used to NOT swiping to unlock the phone. Old habits die hard.

7. I’ve been seeing house and kitchen remodels pop up all over the place – I am totally drooling over Sally’s and Maria’s new kitchens!

8. Totally saving these infused water combinations – such a great way to change up plain old water, plus it reminds me of being at a spa!

9. This is going to sound like a totally bratty first world complaint, BUT… our house is extremely well insulated, which I love, love, love EXCEPT when it rains. You can’t hear the rain! Unless it’s a total wreck of a storm and it’s raining sideways, the only place you can hear it is in our walk-in closet, which, you know, we really don’t hang out in. I totally miss the pitter patter of raindrops when we get a good downpour. /rantover

10. TGIF! I hope your weekend is full of lovely views!

Duke keeping an eye on the neighborhood