Joseph - 2 years old

1. Joseph has become a serious comedian in the last week or two; he’s always loved to giggle, but I feel like he’s actually developed a true sense of humor recently. When he finds something funny, he busts into this crazy mad scientist/maniacal laugh that is HYSTERICAL.

2. Can you believe that Dominic is going to be FOUR months old tomorrow?! I feel like I was just pregnant yesterday, and a million years ago, all at the same time. Crazy how that works. He continues to be such an amazing baby (he slept for 11 hours one night this week!)… my husband and I were recently saying that for as happy of a baby that Joseph was (he was amazing), Dominic may actually have him beat. We’re truly blessed with two beautiful, healthy boys.

Dominic - 3.5 months old

3. Speaking of being pregnant, I have heard about women’s feet growing (and staying) larger during pregnancy, but it didn’t happen with Joseph. It DID, however, happen with Dominic! ALL of my shoes are too small now! I can still get into most of them, but my toes are squished. I don’t own a ton of shoes, but I do have some expensive pairs (Tieks, Frye, etc.) that I’m not looking forward to having to replace, womp womp.

4. Have you seen the latest craze at some bakeries in NYC? Rainbow/unicorn bagels. As in, they are a swirl of a ton of different colors. And, I just can’t. They look so gross to me! Am I the only one?

5. This is such a fantastic story about a 13-year-old from Texas who has battled a sensory disorder through baking. She’s doing wonderful things! Way to go, Tori!

6. Dying to get the pattern for this blanket! Because, you know, I finish crochet projects at breakneck speed, HA.

7. I would love to live in this beach house year round – gorgeous! (article)


8. It’s Super Bowl weekend! Who are you rooting for? What are you eating? We’ll be cheering on the Falcons here!

9. Please tell me I’m not the only person who is really, really struggling to get into Homeland. It was so riveting for the first few seasons, and now it barely holds my attention. Such a disappointment!

10. TGIF! I hope your weekend is drenched in warmth and sunlight!