1. We had so much fun celebrating Dominic’s birthday this week! We threw his party last weekend, and then on Wednesday (his actual birthday), my husband and I took the boys to the local apple orchard to pick out pumpkins and walk around.

They both really enjoyed it, and it was a perfect afternoon to spend outside.

2. Joseph had his first show and tell at school this week and it had to be something orange, so he brought in his little basketball and talked about how he “plays hoops”, gah so cute! I love driving him home from school and listening to the little snippets he gives me about what he did… “I played drums”… “I played in the sandbox with buckets”… “We sat on the carpet and sang a song… about what? Halloween.” … “I saw friends”… “Teacher read us a book”… He walks into school each time with a massive, beaming smile from ear to ear. I’m so thrilled that he’s enjoying his time!

3. I am still in disbelief over what happened in Las Vegas on Sunday night; I just cannot comprehend the horror that those people experienced. So many thoughts and prayers to all of the victims, their families, and the first responders and caretakers… I can’t imagine the emotional turmoil. Every time something like this happens, I feel anxious about sending our boys out into this world :-/

4. And RIP Tom Petty… I listened to so much of his music from the time I was a pre-teen all the way through adulthood, and have so many memories tied to different songs. I am in full-on regret mode that I won’t be able to cross him off my concert bucket list :(

5. Let’s lighten the mood up a bit, eh? I want to talk about earthquake cakes… have you made one? I know it’s a super old recipe that has been around forever, but it just came onto my radar within the last year. I’ve tried it multiple times using varying methods, and while it’s always delicious, it never “quakes” for me. The nuts and coconut stay on the bottom, the cream cheese layer sinks to the bottom, and the top of the cake may have a couple of cracks in it, but nothing like I see in most pictures. If you’re an earthquake cake connoisseur, do you have any tips for me? Or do you have a tried and true recipe for me?

6. This story about a grandpa who cares for NICU babies will warm your heart and make you feel good about the world again. What a wonderful man! (And here is an accompanying video with an interview of him that totally made me cry >> VIDEO)

7. I just found that they actually make LED crochet hooks that light up, which is awesome if you want to crochet in a dimly lit room (maybe watching a movie or before bed?) – you can still see what you’re doing!

8. My husband and I went to the Penguins’ home opener this week, and it was the first time that I got to see a banner raising ceremony, which was so fun to watch. We lost the game, but it’s a looooooong season and I don’t necessarily have high expectations after winning back-to-back, so I’m happy to just watch and enjoy for the sake of loving the game.

9. Did anyone else watch Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sunday night? Larry David is so crazy awkward but that show makes me belly laugh like nothing else since Seinfeld and The Office. Love it!

10. TGIF! This picture of Duke showed up in my Facebook memories this week, and it’s one of my all-time favorites… such a snuggly, furry little guy!