1. I am so ridiculously excited for Christmas this year because Joseph has been talking about Santa Claus and the North Pole and he sort of a little bit is understanding Santa. He’s also been obsessed with watching Charlie Brown Christmas and Mickey’s Christmas… SO. MUCH. FUN.

Except he told two people at the grocery store yesterday that Santa is bringing him a “big dinosaur” and, well, that was the first time he had ever mentioned dinosaurs EVER, and Santa was already done shopping. He also told someone that Santa was bringing a dinosaur for his brother, too, when he was out with my husband. So a little last minute trip will be happening today ;-)

(Oh and yes, that’s chocolate on his lips in the picture below, he helped me make Oreo balls and was a master taste tester…)

2. The only downside to the holidays right now is that everyone in our house is sick, ugh. Joseph has had a nasty cough for the better part of a week, Dominic has been running a low grade fever with a runny nose and cough and I broke into a full-blown cold yesterday. My husband is still hanging on, but I hope we can get healthy in a couple of days here!

3. Do you thrive on the holiday hustle and bustle in the stores? I just cannot handle it. I went to Target two days ago, by myself, and totally forgot multiple things because I just couldn’t with all of the people everywhere. It wasn’t even THAT crowded by holiday standards, but it makes me totally nuts.

4. Speaking of Target… while I was in the checkout line I grabbed a bag of their fruit gummy snacks because it was past lunchtime and I was starving. I have forever been addicted to the Welch’s fruit snacks (I hardly ever buy them because I can’t stop eating them), and was crazy disappointed in the Target version. Not even close!

5. Little girls in a live nativity scene fighting over baby Jesus made me laugh so, so hard.

6. And this high school a cappella group with an impromptu rendition of Hallelujah gave me chills… one of my favorite songs.

7. Christmas morning – breakfast casserole or cinnamon rolls?

8. I made it to our fantasy football Super Bowl this weekend! I’m playing… my husband, ha! I’m hoping I can pull off a Christmas miracle.

9. I’ve started thinking about Joseph’s birthday party since it creeps up so quickly right after the holidays, and he has changed his mind about what he wants on his cake approximately 15 times. I was leaning towards Mickey Mouse since he’s really into that right now, but then he started talking about Elmo and Cookie Monster, and I’m not sure if he’s just remembering it from last year?

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cozy, wonderful holiday weekend!