1. Our little Isabelle is two weeks old today! She is seriously a dream baby, which has been a blessing with two toddlers running around! She eats well, sleeps well, and is just generally so content and not fussy (knocking on every piece of wood imaginable as I type this!). We had her last weight check this week and got the green light that she was good until her 1-month checkup. Yay!

The boys seem to be adjusting well, too. Joseph really loves Isabelle and gets so excited when she wakes up and he sees her eyes open; he still wants to help with everything. He understands that “mommy has a boo boo on her belly from where baby sister came out” and that’s why I can’t drive him to school or do other things around the house, which is so helpful. Dominic has been wanting to give Isabelle more and more kisses; he obviously doesn’t quite understand and I think he could definitely benefit from more one-on-one time (the grandparents have been great for this so far!), but he has been doing wonderfully. I did sign us up for a summer music class; I’m looking forward to doing something special every week with just him :)

2. My recovery has been going really, really well. I’d venture to say it’s been the easiest c-section recovery of the three, astonishingly. My best friend from high school had three as well and she told me a few years ago that the recovery from each subsequent one was easier. It sounded so counter-intuitive, but now having experienced it, I’m wondering if it’s because there just isn’t the opportunity to lay around all day like when you have just one newborn and no other responsibilities; I’ve definitely been up and moving around a lot more (which is what the doctors tell you to do!).

I washed my hair for the first time on Sunday, which made me feel human again, whew!

One last crazy fact – I got weighed at the hospital before I was prepped for surgery and my last weigh in before EVERY SINGLE BIRTH has been exactly the same. Like, weighed EXACTLY the same all three times. How insane is that?! I started at a lower weight with Joseph and gained more (38 lbs), and with Dominic and Isabelle my weight never got back to where it was pre-Joseph, but I gained 26 and 27 lbs with each of them. Apparently my body just likes being that weight at peak pregnancy?? So weird!

3. Talk to me about Amazon’s Prime Pantry. I went to order my regular OxiClean last week and now it’s under Prime Pantry. What all do you order from there? Fill me in on the best deals!

4. The Sephora VIB sale is this weekend! I need to stock up on a few things I’m low on (Tarte tinted moisturizer, Fresh Sugar lip therapy, and Lancome eye makeup remover), and have a few other things I might order that have been on my “want to try” list for awhile (Marc Jacobs eye palette, Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil, and Bite Beauty lipstick, to name a few). What are your favorites?

5. I decided to start eating salads again last week and be all healthy, aaaaaaaaaand then romaine got recalled, so I had to pitch the bag that was in the fridge. Womp womp. I tried, ha!

6. Fancy butter taste test, mmmmm! Do you have a favorite? I stock Kerrygold for both everyday use and baking; it’s my all-time favorite and love that it doesn’t get super hard in the fridge!

7. I saw garlic fries pop up in my Instagram feed a few days ago and I immediately started craving the legendary garlic fries from Gordon Biersch. One of my all-time favorite restaurants to visit when my husband used to live outside of DC; he took me there I think the second time I ever went out for the weekend and it quickly became a favorite. And oh my, those fries. I could eat them all day long!

8. I LOVE how Sally broke down her one big yearly goal into simple monthly goals/activities. Totally inspiring for someone like me who gets bogged down making those big goals actionable and come to life, it really hit home!

9. We’re watching the same stuff here – Blacklist, Homeland, The Americans, The Crown – all between NHL playoff games, of course! GO PENS!

10. TGIF! This trio sat in front of the garage door for a full five minutes before Joseph got home from preschool yesterday, waiting for him. So sweet!