1. Some how, some way, it seems that Dominic has grown up so much over the last handful of days. He has been so sweet, seems to understand so much more and just adores his big brother and little sister. He’s also a total monkey and stands on the lip of the baseboard to look out of windows (and we’ve caught him trying to scale the dishwasher and the dog crate recently).

Isabelle is 3 weeks old today! She’s doing great and is just such a wonderful baby. I’ve only had one night when she’s been fussy and I was sleep-deprived; otherwise she usually feeds and sleeps in 2.5 to 3-hour cycles at night and goes right back down after eating. I certainly cannot complain at all!

2. While I’m a total homebody, but I’m definitely starting to get a little bit of cabin fever… I’ve only left the house for Isabelle’s doctor’s appointments so far. I’m looking forward to driving and doing some errands in a couple of weeks! Plus, there are a couple of fun end-of-year activities at Joseph’s preschool coming up – a little spring sing-a-long for the parents and a Mother’s Day “tea party”. I’m so excited!

3. I’ve never, ever liked coffee but I really, really want to try to give it a go because I’m just needing a bit of a boost in the morning with having a newborn and two toddlers! I won’t drink soda in the morning and I don’t like tea, so I’m going to experiment. I asked for suggestions on Instagram a couple of days ago and some of the most popular ones were to start with flavored creamers (I got the Dunkin’ Donuts “extra extra” to try first), a dollop of something like dulce de leche, flavored syrups or sweetened condensed milk, and then try cold brew as it’s not as bitter. Here’s to trying to be a grown up and drinking coffee!

4. A couple of months ago on a trip to Costco, I bought a big tub of Utz honey wheat twists on a whim. Ummm, I’ve been hopelessly addicted to them and they’ve become my preferred snack. The tub was finally polished off last week so I put honey wheat twists from a different brand on my latest grocery order and they are… not good. Not even close. As soon as I can handle it, I’m off to Costco to restock!

5. This is 100% me…

6. These no-bake granola bars have been hugely popular for the last few weeks… what are your favorite granola bar add-ins?

7. After each of my babies, I’ve gone through at least a couple of weeks of just being insanely cold ALL THE TIME. I’ve been told it’s a combination of hormones and blood loss from the surgery, but it means I get bundled up to sleep at night. HOWEVER… I just cannot sleep in socks. I’ll wear them until I’m ready to turn off the light and fall asleep and then I have to take them off. Is this weird? It just seems so uncomfortable and maybe slightly claustrophobic in a weird sort of way?

8. Love this list of totally doable spring cleaning mini-projects. (h/t to Jessica for sharing!)

9. We finished watching The Crown, and wow the last few episodes were so spectacular. I can’t believe I have to wait until next year for more seasons… we got totally hooked!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cozy, fun-filled weekend…