1. Isabelle turned two months old this week! She had a great checkup, has been smiling huge, open-mouthed smiles, and we are just loving life with her. The boys still absolutely adore her, can’t wait to see her in the morning, love when she wakes up from a nap, want to give her kisses all the time. Joseph especially loves talking to her and encouraging her during tummy time :)

2. I’m trying to get the boys outside a TON every single day now that it’s nice out, before it gets to be an inferno outside and I want to hibernate in my air conditioning. This week we had some crazy cool weather, so they actually had to put their jackets on!

3. Do you make a summer bucket list? I never have, but I’m super inspired by the one Maria made with her boys… Totally going to make a list myself now!

4. What are your best tips for picking out a great watermelon? The only thing I go by is a big yellow spot, but my watermelon selections have been seriously hit or miss so far this year. Tell me your secrets!

5. Did you catch Phil Collins singing “In the Air Tonight” on Jimmy Fallon? Loved it! Check out the video if you missed it.

6. Now that summer is here, be sure to bookmark my refrigerator bread and butter pickle recipe – it’s SO easy and makes the best pickles!

7. I took a little hiatus from Instagram while I was on maternity leave, but I’m back at it! If you’re not following me yet, you can find me here. ALSO! Pinterest has apparently changed up their algorithm so that you actually see stuff from the people you follow again, like the old days, woooo! Find me on Pinterest here!

8. We used to eat angel food cake with strawberries and Cool Whip almost every single Sunday at my grandma’s during the summer. Absolutely dying over how perfect this homemade angel food cake looks!

9. Update: I watched The Americans finale! I don’t want to throw out any spoilers, but ughhhhhh I just didn’t totally love it, I felt like there were so many loose ends. AND I sort of thought this could have been the next to the last episode, I just wanted more! What did you think? Is it just me? I still LOVED that show so much!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a beautiful, warm weekend!