1. I spent time this week putting away all of Isabelle’s newborn and three-month clothes and, as happens every single time I’ve done this, I am in awe of how insanely tiny she was not all that long ago. Gosh, they just grow SO fast. I feel like she was all wrapped up in her little burrito swaddle a few minutes ago and now she’s rolling, working on sitting up and trying to dive towards her brothers and the dogs. Time totally flies by, gah.

2. Dominic is SUCH a fun-loving kid and has recently started laughing really hard at things he sees on TV. A few weeks ago, we put on the Charlie Brown movie before dinner and at some slap-stick parts, he belly laughed and said, “Daddy! FUNNY!” Oh my gosh, it’s the cutest thing.

3. Now that Isabelle is getting a little bit older, it’s been SO much fun watching her interact with Joseph and Dominic. She absolutely adores them and is so animated when they talk to her. Joseph especially loves laying next to her, tickling her toes, calls her “my sweetie”, and my gosh my heart melts.

4. I am 100% not a Halloween person, but I would like to eat 99% of the treats in the Halloween food section of Williams Sonoma.

5. Speaking of, I saw candy corn flavored kettle corn at the grocery store and, while I love a few handfuls of candy corn in the fall, I can’t imagine how this would taste good? Have you tried it?

6. Trending this week on BEB >> Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. Are you ready for pumpkin season yet?!

7. Did you see the new Netflix series that comes out today? The Good Cop? It has Tony Danza and Josh Groban as father/son cops… putting it on our list after we finish off Justified (should finish the series tonight, we’ve loved it!) and watch Jack Ryan, finally. I grew up watching Who’s the Boss, so I can’t turn down Tony Danza!

8. Speaking of TV, I saw this on Facebook this week >> 24 Years Ago, My So Called Life Was Released. Whaaaaaaat?? How was it that long ago? I was a freshman in high school and my gosh was I in love with that show. I still have memories of sitting at my friend’s house, watching an episode while we got ready for a school dance. Ahhhh memories!

9. Preseason hockey has started! I am SO READY to spend multiple nights a week watching games, the best.

10. TGIF! I hope you sneak in some relaxation time!