Happy Friday to you!

This is going to be a quick Friday Things… it’s Thursday night and I’m typing from my phone, as we’ve lost power due to ice today, ugh!

However, I wanted to get in an obligatory photo of my crew (I love their little huddle here!) and address one of the questions from last week…

I had asked if you still preferred Friday Things every week or if you would rather have less frequent updates, such as monthly. The response was overwhelming and unanimous – keep Friday Things every week! Just to be clear – it’s not too much work and I wasn’t looking to go in another direction, but since I’ve been doing it for SO long (started in 2012!), I wanted to make sure it was something YOU still found valuable. So, no worries… it will continue to be here each and every week (minus holidays, like next week) 😉

Now, I’m off to put on fleece layers, climb under blankets and cross my fingers that the power kicks back on soon!

These two snuggle bugs should generate a lot of warmth 😍