1. This is the first year that Joseph is really “getting” Santa Claus, and it just SO MUCH FUN. We’ve asked him many times what he would like Santa to bring for him, and his answers are always one of the following: snow, vanilla ice cream, or chocolate ice cream. His innocence and delight in the simple things makes my heart nearly explode.

2. I bought Isabelle cable knit leggings in both gray and cream, and they are so soft and feel so cozy that I wish they made them in my size. I would seriously live in them!

3. Dominic continues to be a super sweet and totally FUNNY child. His new “game” is he’ll turn pages in a book and find something that catches his eye (a car, a door, etc.) then page away from it to “hide” it. He’ll say, “huh! where’s the car?!” followed by a sly, sweet smile and “I’ll find it!”. Then he pages back to it, exclaiming, “there’s the car! I found it!” I just want to scoop him up and smother him in hugs and kisses.

4. Today (12/14) is Free Ship Day! LOADS of retailers are offering free shipping today, so if you haven’t finished your shopping yet, today is a great day to hop online! The website freeshippingday.com has a list of all the stores that are offering free shipping.

5. Speaking of, I’d love to know… What is your favorite gift you’ve bought for someone else so far this season?

6. The boys have been LOVING helping in the kitchen! Last Saturday they made sugar cookie cut outs with my mom, this week they made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies at my in-laws, and yesterday we made dough for gingerbread cookies; we’ll cut them out and decorate this afternoon. So excited!

7. What is on your Christmas baking list? I’d love to hear what you’re making over the next couple of weeks!

8. This made me so sad for kids today, and so grateful that I made it the whole way through college and nearly to 30 before social media even existed >> Middle School Misfortunes, Then and Now (2008 vs 2018): One Teacher’s Take

9. As we wind down this year and start looking ahead to 2019, I would love to know how I can help you in the coming year! Do you have any resolutions or goals you need help with, something you want to master in the kitchen, or anything else you’d love to see in this space? Please share below! :)

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cozy weekend!