1. I am currently waiting for Isabelle to pop about eight teeth judging on the teething that’s going on here. Poor girl is struggling a lot some days, and a couple of night last week, she needed extra rocking. I secretly loved this… it had been months since she fell asleep on me, and I really don’t think there is anything in the world that is so relaxing.

2. Speaking of… this made me want to snuggle a newborn all over again >> Dear Mama…

3. I cannot wait for the weather to finally break and we can get outside and play everyday. The boys love taking walks outside and playing with their bikes and ride-on toys, blowing bubbles, etc. We’re ready for warm weather! (But not heat and humidity, I am never ready for the dog days of summer, ha!)

4. Thank you so much to everyone who left comments and emails sending condolences on the passing of my grandpap; I read each and every one and appreciate the kind words so very much. It was certainly a long handful of days, but it was wonderful to celebrate a life well-lived. xo

5. I like the premise of this article, Give Yourself the Gift of Time This Week, but please tell me if there are actually moms of young kids that can enjoy a long, leisurely shower and then allow your hair to air-dry in the sun while “you do nothing”? I think perhaps I was not the correct demographic for this article lol.

6. But! On a related note, I am currently obsessed with everything Laura Vanderkam – she has done tons of research in the area of time management and I am loving reading her blog posts, and listening to her podcast. Really wonderful, actionable information on how to maximize the time we are given each and every day.

7. I would love recommendations for your favorite cuticle oil or cream. My cuticles are insanely hideous and I could really use some semi-regular manicures, but until I make time for that, tell me your favorite ways to keep them looking kind of nice at home!

8. Also! What are your favorite things to buy at Trader Joe’s? Please share in the comments, I want to make a big list!

9. How adorable is this blind golden retriever with a new puppy who has become a little bit of a seeing-eye dog for him? Melts my heart!

10. TGIF! Sometimes Duke hangs out in our shower while we get ready for bed, silly boy :)