1. Somehow, some way, this sweet baby girl is turning ONE tomorrow! This has been, without a doubt, the fastest year of my entire life. To say I have no clue where the time has gone is a massive understatement. We’re so excited to celebrate her special day, and Joseph and Dominic already helped me bake the big cake :) She’s so lucky to have two big brothers that love her so much 😍

2. Speaking of the boys, my husband took them over to his parents’ house for the day yesterday and they played around in the yard with a croquet set… love seeing those smiles :)

3. Do you go all out for April Fool’s? We’re super boring and don’t do any pranks here, lol!

4. Currently lusting after all of Williams Sonoma Easter stuff! (plus it’s all currently 20% off!)

5. As someone who went through middle school, high school, and half of college during the 90’s…

Love this! Ahhhh to be cell phone and social media free again :) My husband and I were talking a few nights ago about how 25 years ago we were waiting in line at a pay phone to call our parents to get a ride home from the movies, and now you can get phone calls, messages, and the weather on your watch. Insanity.

6. What prompted our discussion was that my husband bought me an Apple Watch for my birthday last week and I LOVE it! I had been thinking about one for a long time, but had yet to pull the trigger. I love it because I am ALWAYS missing calls since I have a habit of not keeping my phone on me, especially when I’m wrangling kids, plus I love that I can see the weather at a glance, and can track my activity for the day.

7. I happened upon this on Pinterest – how often you should clean everything – and ummmm… does anyone actually clean all of these things this frequently?! (I’ll just hide over here in case the answer is yes.)

8. I don’t do keto, but I do try to stay away from processed foods/sugar during the week, so I am alllllll about these chocolate brownie fat bombs!

9. We watched The Founder last weekend about the beginning of McDonald’s. Have any of you seen it? It’s not exactly what I would call a “feel good” movie and left me feeling so bad for the brothers who started the original restaurant!

10. TGIF! Hope you have a great weekend!