1. This week Joseph asked, “Mommy, how old are you?” I told him I was 39, to which he replied, “Wow! Great job, Mommy! I’m so proud of you!” So… I guess I should be thrilled that I’ve made it this far LOL!

2. We got Dominic on skates this week to see if he’s ready for lessons! He was super wobbly at first, but was much steadier by the end, could stand on his own, and was able to walk on the skates back to the benches to change. He was SO excited and had so much fun. Joseph’s instructor said we could have him come on the ice at the end of Joseph’s lessons to continue getting him acclimated.

3. Isabelle had her 12-month checkup this week and is continuing to grow wonderfully! She was 78th percentile for height and 72nd for weight – growing like a weed! She loves to eat and gobbles up pretty much anything I put in front of her. She also has two older brothers who utterly adore her and love to pick out her clothes and brush her hair LOL!

4. Who here shops through Thrive Market? If you do, what do you buy? I’d love to hear your favorites; I got a gift card so I’m going to give it a trial run!

5. Do you make seasonal bucket lists? What do you have on your things-to-do for spring and summer! I’d love some fun ideas for when Joseph is done with school!

6. Are you prepping for Easter yet? If you’re looking for ideas, there’s the always-popular Italian Easter bread, homemade peanut butter eggs, and coconut cupcakes to get started. Check out all of my Easter recipes for more ideas!

7. Love this story about Coach K from Duke and a special friend.

8. We’ve officially reached NHL playoff time! Our first game went into overtime, and while I wasn’t as hyped up at the start of the game as I usually am for the playoffs (having three kids and a mental load the size of Mt. Everest will do that to you, I suppose), the game went into overtime and back were those flutters and heart-stopping flinches every time the puck went near the net. Who are you rooting for this year?!

9. I really want to try to get into a better reading habit. Right now, I have The Home Edit on my nightstand because I cannot get enough for purging and organizing, I’d love some fiction recommendations. Lay ’em on me!

10. TGIF! Judith knows how to relax!