1. We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with the kids! They woke up and hunted down their Easter baskets, enjoyed some candy, then dyed Easter eggs (better late than never!), and we all got ready and headed to my mom’s for dinner with extended family. Did you do anything festive over the weekend?

2. We kind of limped into Easter after a one-two punch at the pediatrician’s office on Friday afternoon. Joseph’s seasonal allergies were so bad – his eyes were so red and swollen, they were hurting him and he was exhausted. Literally 10 minutes before I was ready to leave with him, I picked up Isabelle and she felt warm, so I took her temperature and she had a fever. She had been extra cranky the last couple of days, so I brought her with us, and turned out she had an ear infection! After some antibiotics for her and allergy meds and eye drops for Joseph, everyone rallied for the holiday :)

3. I’m totally snatching up these bunny kids dinnerware sets from Williams Sonoma’s Easter sale – I think the kids will love them next year!

4. Sephora’s spring sale starts today! I need to replenish my Living Proof dry shampoo and I want to try the Laneige Lip Glowy Balm since I LOVE their lip sleeping mask. Do you have any favorites that you’re stocking up on?

5. Some great tips >> Multiply Your Time by Asking 4 Questions About the Stuff on Your To-Do List

6. We need to discuss earthquake cakes. Have you made one? Do you have a tried and true recipe? Here’s the story. I’ve made multiple earthquake cakes over the last year and, while good, they don’t “quake”, which is driving me bananas. There is no bumpy top with pillows of cheesecake, just a flat chocolate cake on top, and everything else is on the bottom. HELP, PLEASE!

7. If you use a Fitbit or smartwatch, how do you set daily goals? I let my Apple watch default the activity goals for me (calories burned, minutes of exercise, and standing). Also, I keep reading that 10,000 steps isn’t the *magic number* anymore; what do you shoot for??

8. Did you hear that beginning in July, you’ll be able to drop off any Amazon returns at Kohl’s? I still think it would be more convenient to drop my box at the UPS store, since it’s right next to the grocery store, and I’m ALWAYS there, lol!

9. Okay so I was definitely more into Game of Thrones this week; there was actually a little bit of humor, too, which is weird? Definitely a different vibe. We’ve also re-started Bosch on Amazon Prime since the latest season dropped last week!

10. TGIF! 3, 2, 1… staring contest!