1. This sweet pea is going to be 13 months old on Monday; she’s looking so much older lately! And her hair is growing like crazy, so I finally rocked some pigtails in her hair :)

2. My inlaws got the boys big wheels for when they go over to their house; Dominic is still a little small for it, but they both LOVE THEM!

3. I’ve finally managed to shed three babies’ worth of baby weight, so I went to the mall (solo!) after dropping Joseph off at school earlier this week to get a few new things and after an hour and a half was reminded that I actually hate shopping lol. Gah, online shopping forever and ever, amen. Hauling tons of stuff into a dressing room, trying everything on… it’s EXHAUSTING. I never liked it when I was younger (my mom could never believe it), and I think I probably like it even less now, ha!

4. Are you watching the Kentucky Derby this weekend? I love the pomp and circumstance, but ahhhhh I always get so nervous for the horses :(

5. Love this >> Let Your Kids Get Dirty

6. Sunday is Cinco de Mayo! Are you celebrating with Mexican food and margaritas? If you’re looking for menu ideas, check out my 18 Recipes to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo. (p.s. the margarita cupcakes are legendary!)

7. Interesting article on how things are shifting on Instagram. If you’re on Instagram, what types of content do you connect with the most?

8. Question: What’s your all-time favorite recipe on BEB??

9. Ahhhhh Game of Thrones on Sunday was insane. I usually multitask while we watch TV in the evening, folding laundry, working, catching up on email, etc. HOWEVER… I literally could not do a single other thing once the battle scene started. I was totally riveted and couldn’t focus on anything else.

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cozy weekend!