1. On Wednesday, I feel like I had one of the most perfect days with the kids. Everyone was happy and played nicely in the morning… after Isabelle’s morning nap, I took all three of them to do a little surprise project for Father’s Day during which everyone cooperated, then we picked up lunch… the boys spent all afternoon outside riding their bikes, “helping” me pull weeds (they’ve been asking to help so often my husband got them little kid gardening gloves – they have Batman and Hot Wheels!), eating popsicles on the deck, and blowing bubbles. The weather was gorgeous and as the day came to a close, I felt so full and happy.

Afternoon fun made possible by this sweet, sleeping babe who took an epic nap :)

(And just so you don’t think these idyllic days are normal – if they were I wouldn’t be so taken with them! – yesterday was a 180 where we were all struggling a bit from not enough sleep, there was a lot of not listening and meltdowns… because of course, balance, ha!)

2. We have joined a CSA for the first time! I’m super excited for local, fresh produce every single week, plus I think it’ll get the boys excited about eating more vegetables (fingers crossed), although Joseph has been getting much better about this lately.

3. What are your favorite sites for online clothes shopping? I get the bulk of my stuff from Jcrew, Gap, and Nordstrom, but I would like to add a little variety!

4. I don’t consider myself very gifted when it comes to artistic ventures, but I stumbled upon Let’s Make Art through Facebook, and oh my… I so want to try the watercolor and lettering! Perhaps not at the same time, though ;-)

5. This gave me a seriously good laugh:

6. Love Oreos and love cheesecake, but don’t feel like making a full-blown cheesecake? This Oreo cheesecake icebox cake is the answer to your summer oreo-and-cheesecake-loving dreams.

7. If you’re looking for new places to visit, check out this list of the cutest town in every U.S. state. I would love to see so many of these!

8. I could stare at the inside of this fridge all day!

9. We started binging a new show! Well, it’s actually not new at all… we started watching Hill Street Blues on Hulu. My husband remembers seeing some of it when he was younger, but I never watched it at all (it aired during the 80’s). We’re a few episodes in and are enjoying it!

10. TGIF! Judith wishes you a wonderfully cozy weekend :)