1. I feel like it’s been so long since we’ve chatted! We celebrated our 4th of July at home with a cookout and family; the boys stayed up for the first time ever to watch fireworks, and they were SO excited. A house right up the street from us throws a huge party and puts on a MASSIVE fireworks show – like, a township/community-level show, so we just sat out in our driveway and enjoyed. It’s such a treat to be able to see such amazing fireworks and not leave our yard. The boys had a BLAST!

2. We also got a playset for the kids and it was installed last week. They are in LOVE with it. It’s simple – swings, a slide, a ladder and rock wall, and my favorite part – a picnic table underneath the clubhouse area up top. Shade for mommy :) They’ve been playing on it as much as possible and this week when it was sweltering outside, my husband took the hose out and turned it into a waterslide for them ;-) They had a ball.

3. And little miss Isabelle turned 15 months old last weekend! She has a wicked sense of humor, is so sweet, and is finallyyyyyyy starting to take some steps! I think it helps that her brothers cheer like crazy when she stands up and starts to shuffle those feet. She gets so excited :)

4. Also! Dominic got his full skin test at the allergist last week and he, like Isabelle, showed zero signs of any nut allergy. Phew!

5. Oh my gosh, a baby cheetah with puppies as friends? My heart.

6. Speaking of, we took our brood to the zoo on Monday for the first time. The boys loved the aquarium and the polar bear (always my favorite) and enjoyed seeing so many different animals they’ve never seen in person before.

7. I find it so incredibly difficult to allow myself to do nothing; I always feel like there’s something I SHOULD be doing, so this was a good read >> A Beginner’s Guide to Doing Nothing.

8. Cookie dough lovers – have you tried this edible dough yet?

9. Do you have a crossbody bag that you love? I’ve been using this Marc Jacobs bag – literally – every single day for nearly four years and it’s definitely showing wear. I’m contemplating getting another, but might try something a little bit smaller; maybe this version. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!

10. TGIF! Duke celebrated his 6th birthday on June 30th! :)