1. Earlier this week, my husband took Joseph out for some tennis, so I took Dominic and Isabelle out for morning doughnuts :) Dominic has a serious sweet tooth (takes after his mom, naturally) and took down his entire doughnut (I was actually surprised because he doesn’t eat a whole lot usually!). Isabelle loved her little munchkin doughnuts and didn’t leave leftovers, either :)

2. Joseph has seemed to grow up so much this summer, becoming more and more like a kid and less and less like a toddler. He carries on conversations, asks people about things that he remembers as important, and amazingly after his skating lesson yesterday morning we got home and he said he wanted to take a nap (he hasn’t napped in a couple of years unless sick!). He went upstairs but didn’t sleep – he sat on his floor and read through a ton of the books on his shelves. He came back down and said he was up there for a while because he wanted to read his books. He’s getting so big!

3. Update on Isabelle’s first swim lesson last week – she enjoyed it! No crying at all, and she definitely had fun. The boys were so excited for her to go and couldn’t wait to hear how she did :)

4. Does anyone have a recommendation for a 2-in-1 kids shampoo and conditioner that’s tear-free and fairly “clean”? Right now I’m using Honest hair and body wash for Isabelle’s hair, but her hair is longer now and it can get matted looking; I’ve tried their conditioner and it does make a difference, but it’s not tear-free, bummer!

5. A good refresher we can all use from time to time! –> How to Ask Great Questions for Better Conversation

6. I have naturally curly hair but have been blowing it straight-ish for awhile now because it’s so much faster for me and then if I need to, I can run a flat iron through it. However, after seeing The Healthy Maven post a video of styling her curly hair on Instagram earlier this week (to go along with a blog post she did about here), I got the urge to go back to curly. I am getting my color touched up tomorrow, so I may give it a go next week when I wash again.

7. I had to laugh so hard at this video of 1988 mom vs 2018 mom because it’s… so true? I was born in 1980 and so much of my summer memories revolve around spending time at my grandma’s with my sister and cousins and we were outside (without supervision) ALL. THE. TIME. I am definitely getting old because I totally feel like I’m a curmudgeon talking about “the good old days”.

8. Love this >> 10 Things I’ve Done to Simplify My Life

9. What are you watching right now? We’re in desperate need of a new show!

10. TGIF! Love our big group snuggle sessions :)