1. I think I’ve mentioned it here before, but Dominic loves seeing the moon and the night sky. Last night during dinner, he announced that he was going to outer space… in a blue rocket ship… with daddy… they were going to crash into the moon(!), but maybe beep their horn so they don’t crash after all, and then they’ll come back home. So let it be known that if Dominic ever becomes an astronaut, his space fascination began early ;-)

2. It is blowing my mind that this sweet boy is turning FIVE next weekend, whaaaaaaaat?! It seems like just yesterday and, at the same time, a lifetime ago that he was swimming around in my belly. I remember being anxious and not knowing how to take care of a baby, or how to entertain a toddler, and here we are, five years later! I think we’re all figuring it out pretty well :)

3. This little lady got a step stool for Christmas and she is LOVING standing up like a big girl to brush her teeth. I actually think brushing her teeth might be one of her top three favorite things to do. She’s such a fun girl :)

4. Do you know of any websites or Pinterest/Instagram accounts that are good for finding fun projects for preschoolers? Joseph LOVES doing arts and crafts and if there’s a free afternoon he always asks if I have a project for them to do. I’ve had luck picking up little seasonal craft projects at Michael’s, but looking for some other ideas, too.

5. Have you ever done a “cookbook club“? What book(s) would you want to use?

6. The first BEB Bake-Along of the year went live this week! Are you going to bake focaccia bread with me??

7. Dogs are just the best –> Dogs Show Sick Kids How to Go Through Medical Procedures

8. Another reminder that the days are long, but the years are short.

9. I’m totally hooked on Jeopardy: The Greatest of All Time this week. It still stuns me that people can find, learn, and remember such an enormous amount of trivia! I’m thrilled if I can get a few right answers during every episode ;-)

10. TGIF! Duke wishes you an awesome Friday 😍