1. I just adore how much these three love playing together! They’ll go from ramming construction trucks around to racing Hot Wheels and playing with Isabelle’s tea set. They make up games, and the stories they tell while playing are hysterical! Joseph and Dominic are always talking about driving around their kids 😂

2. Speaking of that tea set, it is by far the most-used Christmas gift that Isabelle got this year. She plays with it every single day and the boys do, too! If you have a toddler, I highly recommend it (and actually just realized it’s a “coffee set” lol!) >> Learning Resources New Sprouts Brew It!

3. The boys did a ton of painting last week while Isabelle napped. For his birthday, Joseph got a couple of sets of wooden cars and rescue vehicles that could be custom painted and he LOVED it (and shared the projects with Dominic, too!). If you have a preschooler who loves arts and crafts, this is a great gift idea.

4. I have new favorite jeans and had to tell you! You may already know about them, but I am absolutely obsessed with Wit & Wisdom jeans. I’m a long-time JCrew jeans fanatic, and Wit & Wisdom blow them out of the water for me. I love their Ab-solution line – they are high waisted, the waistband has a little stretch to it, the jeans themselves are super soft and flattering, and they don’t sag, ever. Seriously the best I’ve found in ages! (A quick sizing note – they run big and I wear a size smaller than my regular size in all other jeans.) These are the pairs I currently have >> Ankle Skinny Jeans (slightly distressed) / Skinny Ankle Jeans in Black / Itty Bitty High Waist Bootcut Jeans

5. We’ve purchased WeatherTech products for our cars before, but now I’m a fan for life >> Man Buys Super Bowl Ad To Thank Vets Who Saved His Dog From Cancer

6. Did you hear that McCormick launched an Old Bay Hot Sauce?! That sounds AMAZING but it’s already sold out! Hoping they get it restocked soon, we can’t wait to try it!

7. A good read >> How KitchenAid and Le Creuset Took Over Millennial Kitchen

8. I have to know! What’s on your Super Bowl menu for Sunday? (Be sure to check out my ultimate list of Super Bowl food ideas if you’re stumped!) I’m actually still trying to decide what to have… we’re celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday earlier in the day with pasta, meatballs and chocolate cake. I may prep a dip to throw in the oven come game time and we might be good!

9. We’re in the middle of finishing Season 5 of Poldark and ahhhhh, I love this show! So disappointed that this is the last season.

10. TGIF! Puppy love!