1. Happy Valentine’s Day from our sweet trio! They love Mickey Mouse and Formula 1 racing 💘

2. The boys had Valentine’s parties at school yesterday and they were SO excited. They wore festive shirts, got valentines ready for their friends, and in Dominic’s class they had special tablecloths and plates for snacks during their party. He thought it was the best thing ever!

3. Early yesterday morning my great aunt passed away and my heart is just absolutely broken for my grandma. You may remember that my grandpap passed away last March, then my grandma’s other sister passed away in August, and now her last remaining sibling. So much heartache in less than a year and none of them were battling long-term illnesses; each one happened so quickly. If you are so inclined, any healing or peaceful thoughts/prayers you’d like to send her way would be so appreciated ❤️️

4. The video of this jealous Golden Retriever is hysterical and TOTALLY Duke 😂

5. Obviously, I agree 100% >> Daniel the Golden Retriever Was Robbed.

6. Fat Tuesday is just a week and a half away; get ready to make those Paczki!

7. A friend of mine shared this photo on Facebook this week, and while I do want my kids to try their best and accomplish all they will dream of, I loved it so much. It immediately made me remember the article I shared a few years ago titled “What If All I Want Is a Mediocre Life?

8. The local news here in Pittsburgh reported that we didn’t have any, as in ZERO, sunny days in January. And now we know why ☁️

9. However, cloudy days don’t necessarily bother me; I tend to find them kind of… calming? Is that strange?

10. TGIF! Happy Valentine’s Day from our sweetheart pups! :)