1. I hope that you all had a nice Easter holiday, knowing that it was quite different for all of us this year! Our kids had a ball looking for their baskets in the morning and getting to eat some jelly beans before breakfast ;-) A quiet day at home that ended with blowing bubbles on the deck before bedtime was wonderful.

2. Other highlights of the week… baking blueberry muffins:

3. I finished my puzzle (with the boys cheering me on and counting down the pieces once I had about 20 left… I felt like I was on the last leg of a marathon with my own cheer squad on the side of the road, ha! They were SO proud of me and couldn’t wait to run and tell my husband I finished it)…

4. A new table for the kids in the playroom! They had definitely outgrown the smaller toddler table we’d had since Joseph was two. This is the Carolina large play table from Pottery Barn Kids and definitely gives them much more space to spread out and not have their papers and crayons on top of each other when they’re all sitting down together.

5. Ina Garten is an absolute delight on Instagram (follow her here) and I loved this article >> Ina Garten’s Instagram Will Get You Through Quarantine

6. We’ve been on a steady weekly routine of homemade pizza since quarantine began. Our new favorite formula = my oldest, most favorite pizza dough + Rao’s pizza sauce (got from Whole Foods) + Whole Foods brand pizza blend shredded cheese + pepperoni (and black olives for my husband).

7. Speaking of recipes, I’d love to hear any requests you have for the next couple of Bake-Alongs… some ingredient availability issues kept me from testing the recipes I had originally planned, so I’d love to hear what you might be interested in making!

8. We’re finishing up the last season of Vikings, and the new Bosch season drops today, so I think that’s next on our list!

9. On a TV note, who has watched Tiger King? I feel like we’re the only people who haven’t watched it yet.

10. TGIF! Puppy snuggles!