1. Bedtime books and snuggles are my favorite ❤️️

2. Dominic’s teacher left everyone a package of cups, stickers, soil, and seeds on doorsteps last weekend since they were going to be planting seeds in class (can we take a moment to seriously praise all teachers right now?!)… we planted Dominic’s last week and they’re growing so well! The boys run downstairs every morning to see how much they’ve grown.

3. Isabelle calls her sunglasses “sassies” and I truly hope she never stops.

4. An unexpected consequence of not going to Target for over six weeks? We have run out of bags that we use for bathroom garbage can liners! 😱 I had to break down and order small garbage can liners from Amazon, the horror!

5. Our local grocery chain has instituted one-way arrows for aisles in the stores, so as not to have people too close together. Honestly, I hope this is something that never goes away long after the pandemic is over!

6. If you’re on the baking train during quarantine, have you tried my copycat Pizza Hut breadsticks yet? They are SPOT ON and so addicting!

7. Is there anything you’re totally craving that you haven’t been able to get while sheltering in place?

8. I’m thinking the boys would love a snack plate meal!

9. Okay, quick TV recap… we’re still watching the Michael Jordan special and we’re both loving it! This week we started watching the Waco miniseries on Netflix and oh my, it’s totally riveting. I usually work on my laptop in the evenings while we watch TV, but I’ve done close to no work because I can’t keep my eyes off the television. Incredibly well done.

10. TGIF! Hope you can have a cozy snack this weekend!