Fresh haircuts! And both boys totally melted my heart this week…

1. At dinner one night, Joseph asked if he could have more; I told what we still had and asked what he’d like. He said, “You can pick, mommy. I’ll eat whatever you want to give me. You can pick because you’re so nice to us.”

2. While tucking Dominic in, he gave me a massive bear hug and was patting my head. He said, “Do you know why I’m doing that? Because I love you SO much and you’re my BEST friend.”  Gahhhhh can they just stay like this forever?!

3. When Isabelle goes down for a nap or gets ready for bed, she puts all of her dolls and stuffed animals face-down on her dresser and says, “dolly go sleep”… “Minnie go sleep”… “puppy go sleep”… 💖

4. This type of product might be old news, but it was new to me when I saw it on Ari’s Instagram last week – an over-the-sink colander. MIND. BLOWN. I ordered one immediately. It’s back-ordered, but no more moving dishes out of the way or trying not to get water to kick back up from the sink. I can’t wait for this to arrive!

5. Have you tackled any big kitchen projects over the last couple of months? I’d love to hear about the best recipes you’ve discovered!

6. Are you craving any spring or summer dishes? I could totally go for this no-bake banana split dessert!

7. We appear to have at least one (maybe more?) ravens that have appeared around our house over the last couple of weeks. We have multiple red tail hawks that live in the woods behind our house and we see them flying all the time, but these new ones are MASSIVE blackbirds, holy cow.

8. I finally managed to get some rye flour and am going to try my hand at a sourdough starter. I’ve done this twice before and been unsuccessful; if you’ve done it and have any pro tips, I’d love to hear them so please leave them in the comments below!

9. TV talk! We’re still loving The Last Dance, and we started watching a Dateline-esque series on Netflix, The Staircase. Love me some crime drama!

10. TGIF! Most nights when I get ready to brush my teeth, Judith jumps up and stands at the counter next to me. She’s such a snuggle bug ❤️️