1. After nearly three months of maintaining Joseph’s current doses for his oral immunotherapy due to Covid, we recently started back again and he hit a HUGE milestone last week – he has reached the threshold where he is safe from cross-contamination of peanuts! We celebrated with Kit Kats, which are manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, and were totally off-limits until now. He LOVED them! We are so incredibly grateful that this type of treatment is available and that thus far we have had success 🙏

2. I absolutely adore Dominic’s love of life. Nothing much ever gets him down, he is always eager to help and just wants to be with his people. He loves both his big brother and little sister fiercely, and I think he has a bigger sweet tooth than I do, which is just downright astonishing.

3. Isabelle has started doing this hysterical little routine where she tries to “sneak up” on one of us, feet really wide and stomping like a monster making scary noises. However, she always gets the giggles and the absolute best part is when she starts giggling, she covers her mouth with her hands and tries to get a straight face again. It is the funniest and most adorable thing!!

4. Friends of ours recently lost their dog and were gifted a sketch of him by Tiffany Carmi Studio. It was just beautiful – it looks like she does pets and homes; a great gift idea or keepsake.

5. We’re currently shopping for a new office chair – do you have one that you love and would recommend?

6. I feel like it’s never quite summer until I make blueberry crumb bars. One of my favorite summer recipes!

7. We listen to a lot of streaming music here through Sonos speakers and lately we’ve been loving the mix of country and rock on Red, White and Booze on Sirius. There’s country music but also bands like Aerosmith, Tom Petty, etc. I feel like every night when I’m brushing my teeth, Johnny Cash comes on and I’m reminded of how much I positively adored the movie Walk the Line. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen it!

8. Love this take on whether quarantine life is going to put an end to minimalism. I’ve talked many times before about purging through lots of our clutter and it feels wonderful to do that. However, the pandemic situation has definitely caused me to reevaluate keeping our pantry and freezer better stocked in the future. My grandma, who lived through the depression, never wasted a single thing and always had food on hand a full pantry and freezer (made up of things she had purchased on sale) to throw together a meal. I feel a certain kinship with her now and a much better appreciation for how she lived her life. If you keep a short-term stock, do you have any tips?

9. Are summer bucket lists out the window this year? I might make one for all of the fun things we can do outside and around home! After all, when I think back to summers as a kid, they are all memories of eating popsicles and Klondike’s at my grandma’s house, getting a treat from the ice cream truck, running through sprinklers, going down the slip n slide, playing wiffle ball with my dad, and the list goes on of incredibly simple, yet wonderful things that take up the most space in my heart. Isn’t that the case, always? ❤️️

10. TGIF! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!